Hello, my name is Brother Timothy M. Cahill, C.PP.S. and I have been a member of the Society of the Precious Blood for 30 years.

Currently, I am working as a Sacristan at St. Charles Center (Motherhouse of my community). I am also serving as a Chaplain for the Miami Valley Young Marines, a Spirituality Advisor for St. Peter’s St. Vincent de Paul Conference, a Mentor to St. Peter Youth Conference of St. Vincent de Paul, a Chaplain to Sheriff Deputies in Mercer County, and a Community Outreach Team of Huber Height’s Fire Department (I teach BLS and Community CPR and First Aid). I also sub at the local Catholic schools. Previously I was an educator for 30 years before I retired to take up the Sacristan job at St. Charles Center. I oversaw the students volunteering at school and helped maintained the computers at the school. I was also a DI with the Young Marines and Chaplain for the 5th Division Leadership School.

I am what they called a late vocation. I was 27 years old when I started studying to be a religious brother. I had attended college and was working full time. On the side, I was the DRE at our parish and that job led me into thinking about my true calling. After a year of reflection, and a heart to heart talk with my pastor I decided to pursue my calling.

Some of my favorite movies include Dave, Aquaman, The Avengers movies, Star Trek, and Westerns. I can always enjoy a good hamburger and in my spare time enjoy photographing, hiking, camping, and volunteering.

I am looking forward to meeting different people and helping them decide where God is calling them to serve.