*Sr. Agnes Mary will not be taking on any more mentees at this time.*

Hello, my name is Sr. Agnes Mary, CFR, and I am originally from Jacksonville, FL. I attended the University of North Florida where I played on the tennis team and received a Nursing degree. I worked as a pediatric oncology nurse for a year before entering the Community of Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal in the Bronx, NY, in 2001.

After I made my Final Vows on May 31, 2008, I served as Novice Directress from 2008-2017, as well as Postulant Directress from 2012-2015. I graduated from Spiritual Direction School in 2012. I helped to open a new mission in Atlantic City, NJ, in 2017, and headed up the new St. Michael Missionary Program, an 8-month formation program for young women to live and serve alongside the sisters in Atlantic City. For the past year and a half, I have been serving as the Vocation Directress for our community.

I received my call to be the Spouse of Christ on Divine Mercy Sunday, after consecrating my life to Our Blessed Mother and completing a 54-day rosary novena and then going on a pilgrimage to a Marian Shrine. After making a general confession of my whole life, I felt a clarity in my heart that the Lord was inviting me to take a leap of faith in my vocation and to quit my nursing job discern if indeed I was being called to religious life. My spiritual director confirmed my experience and recommended I visit our community. I came and felt such peace and joy, that I knew this was the family in which the Lord intended me to live out my vocation to be the Spouse of Christ!

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