Hello, my name is Sr. Benedikta, S. Praem., and I am a member of the Congregation of Norbertine sisters. We are a contemplative-active community where our everyday life is centered around the liturgy, which overflows into works of charity for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

I grew up in Slovakia and even though I felt the call to be a sister from a young age it took several years of discernment before I found courage and clarity to take the step of entering. Going to daily Mass and finding a spiritual director helped me work through my doubts and questions. The first time I visited Norbertine Sisters I knew it was the right place. I joined the community in 1999, after finishing my pharmacy studies and working one year as a pharmacist. To my big surprise, after first profession, I returned to pharmacy work, this time as a religious sister. It was a beautiful experience to see how much people trust and expect of religious. Later I helped care for our elderly sisters while I did my theology studies.

In 2011, at the invitation of Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey, I came together with two other sisters to establish a community of our Congregation in the USA. After a period of adjustment and preparation we opened the formation house in 2014 and received the first American vocations.  We put our best efforts into the formation of new vocations and building up the community.

In the spirit of St. Norbert we are prepared for every good work, answering the needs of the time and place where we live. At the present time I work in the parish bookstore as manager and I serve the community as a vocation directress.

I am excited to be a part of the mentorship program. Young people need someone who can accompany them on the discernment journey and I like that they will actually receive discernment formation through this program. I see great potential in it.

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