Hello! My name is Sr. Fidelis Marie and I am a Missionary Benedictine Sister. I was born in Florida and raised in NJ. I entered the our Immaculata Monastery in Nebraska in 2007. After making my first profession of vows I was sent back to college to finish my education. I currently have a degree in Social Work and a certificate in Spiritual Direction. My main assignment right now is vocation director and I am also at our parish mission in Sioux City, Iowa where I do youth and young adult ministry. I’m obsessed with John the Baptist and Maximilian Kolbe, chips, naps, fast food, the Huskers, coffee that tastes like candy, and sunshine. You won’t find me watching Disney + or playing with cats, ever.

I started discerning religious life seriously when I was around the age of 18. I was homeschooled K-12th grade and during my younger years the Lord allowed a lot of loneliness in my life. This had nothing to do with being homeschooled, rather, it was something He allowed me to experience. I did not have friends until after high school, but during this time I found that the Church was my refuge. When I encountered the religious sisters and priests at Church I always felt invested in and cared for by them. I was greatly intrigued by their lives and their joy. Being the quiet and shy kid, I observed them and they way they prayed. There was always something so real and tangible about them, the presence of God was so visible in them. This was something I wanted.

During this time, I also started going to Perpetual Adoration where my faith life and relationship with Jesus became my own. When I finished high school, I served on NET ministries and it was after my NET year that I decided to seriously discern religious life. Honestly, my time of discernment was a hard one where I often felt discouraged and desired more support, I didn’t know anyone discerning or how to really go about it. But God provided and I even though the road was bumpy I tried to persevere. While visiting different communities, the Lord continue to affirm my desire for this vocation.

About a year later I learned about the Benedictine way of life, I felt as if I was reading my own journal. The Monastic life was so much a part of my own values that I felt very drawn to it. When I first visited the Missionary Benedictines, I knew that was where I was being called. After multiple visits I requested to enter. I recently just celebrated my 10 year anniversary of vows and I am excited to continue on this wonderful journey with the Lord and my community!