Praised be Jesus Christ!

My name is Sr. Mary Faustina. I have been a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker for 17 years.  I have worked in our nursing home since my first profession of vows.  I have been an assistant in the office, the Assistant Administrator and I am currently the Administrator of our nursing home.

As a child and young adult I never would have thought I was called to be a religious Sister.  I thought I knew what was going to make me happy and fulfilled in life, traveling, making money, and being involved in professional sports.  In college I interned at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.  I thought this would be a great place to start my sports career.  While I enjoyed the people I worked and lived with, I quickly found out that their lifestyle was not for me. I next took a job at an airline.  I enjoyed several years of free travel with my job, but again found it was not fulfilling in the way I thought.  After that, I started working for a seafood company that was run by a family member who was an Evangelical Christian. In the process of defending my faith with my coworkers they challenged me as to what God’s purpose was for me. It was something I had never considered before, that God had made me for a purpose and that I wouldn’t be happy unless I found that purpose and started living it.

It was then that I remembered a priest saying to me that he thought I was meant to be a religious.  At the time my heart was not open to the possibility that being a religious could make me happy.  Now after I had tried all the things I thought would make me happy I started to think about religious life.

While looking at different communities a friend suggested I look at this community in Kentucky.  I was from Colorado and had all sorts of reasons why God could not be calling me to Kentucky; no mountains, no snow, no family.  Every time I ran into this friend, he would ask me if I had contacted the community yet.  In the end I visited the Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker just to get him to stop bugging me. All the other places I visited I knew almost immediately that the place was not right for me.  Although I didn’t have any visions or neon signs, to my amazement I really felt comfortable and welcome in the community.  I came back two more times and finally decided this is where God was calling me.   The priest who first suggested religious life to me had since become a bishop and he offered the Mass when I made my first vows. I found the happiness and fulfillment I was looking for in a place I never imagined.

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