Promoting Videos of Your Community- filmed by you!


The Videos

Videos submitted will be posted on the Vocations Outreach YouTube channel to help create a resource of young adults discerning religious life.

Charism Clip Videos are meant to be the “elevator pitch” of your community’s charism. This is the response you would give when someone asks you to tell them about your community. This includes the major pillars of your spirituality and the apostolates your order engages in. Time limit: 1-3min.

Vocation Story Videos are meant to show discerners how God works in people’s lives. Communities can send up to 20 vocation stories to be posted on our site. Time limit: 3-5min.

Note: Filming instructions are different for these two kinds of videos

The Process

  1. Fill out an “Upload Request” form

    • Please read through filming instructions prior to completing this form to ensure your community will be able to create the necessary kind of video.

  2. Film the clips you would like to have posted

    • Do this only after the upload request is approved by the Vocations Outreach team

    • Please follow our filming instructions to ensure your videos can be posted. These requirements ensure all posted videos are of a similar kind and quality, which makes comparing videos and orders easier for discerners.

    • If needed, a Vocations Outreach team member can be available by video or phone call during the time you are filming to assist with setup remotely.

  3. Submit your videos online or by mail.

    • View submission instructions on how to do this.

    • Please be sure to include necessary media release forms with your submission.

  4. Vocations Outreach will edit your video(s) as necessary and post them on our channel and social media.

    • All videos on will be edited to receive the same title slide, nameplate, and end slide prior to being posted on our channel. Our team can also fix minor audio and lighting issues.

See filming and submission instructions below.

Posting Your Own Video

  1. Vocations Outreach can not post previously made vocations videos on our site.

  2. If your community already has a vocations video, you can send in a charism clip or vocation story and we can provide the link to that video in the description of the video(s) posted on our site.


Ready to get started? Fill out an Upload Request Form here.


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