Filming Instructions

Please follow these as closely as possible to ensure your video can be posted

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Content Preparation

Those wishing to share their vocation stories on film need to prepare their story in a particular way to ensure their story will fit in the necessary time. Content specifications and filming preparations for those going on film can be found here:

Vocation Story Packet

Please make sure all persons going on film have access to a copy of this packet.

Shot Composure

  • Framing: Look at the screen on your camera: Imagine the screen divided into thirds, both horizontally and vertically
    • Place the person on film in the middle column of the screen (see gray lines below).
    • The person can be standing or sitting
  • Head Room: Divide the top middle box into thirds horizontally
    • Give them about 1/3 of a box of headroom (see blue line below)
    • Make sure their head is not touching the top of the screen
  • Eye Contact: The person on film SHOULD be looking into the camera

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 7.46.29 PM.png


  • Look for an aesthetically pleasing background.
    • Find a wall with a piece of artwork or a bookshelf
    • Don’t film outside (this creates poor audio)
  • DON’T film in front of:
    • A plain white wall
    • A picture with glass on it (there will be reflections in the glass)
    • A window
    • A wall or piece of art that is the same color as the person’s habit
    • Anywhere there is movement in the background (ex: a hallway with people walking)
  • Double Check:
    • There are no weird things “sticking out” of the person’s head on the screen (ex: a plant giving them funny hair)
    • If you are in front of a bookshelf, make sure appropriate books are there and that all of them are facing the correct way


  • Make sure there are no distracting shadows in the shot
    • You can fix shadows by having the person take a few steps closer to or away from the wall or by moving your light source (if you are using a lamp)
    • If there is a light directly overhead, make sure the person does not have “raccoon eyes” (a shadow that hits under their eyes)
  • Don’t overexpose
    • Especially if you are filming near a window, make sure none of their skin looks bright white. This means the shot is overexposed and it cannot be fixed by our team in editing
  • Film in a well-lit area
    • You can bring in lamps if you need extra light


  • At the start of every video, please have the person going on film say and spell their entire name
    • This is for our editors- our team will put the name of the person on a banner at the bottom of the screen prior to posting


  • It is ideal if the person going on film can say their content all in one take, without having to stop
  • If the person is talking and does need to stop, they can pause and then pick up where they left off without having to start over from the beginning
    • Our team can fix a video with 1 or 2 stops like this in it
  • Many people going on film will film multiple takes of their video. This is okay! Please just only send us the best one

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