Learn more below about how to make the most out of your videos and photos 


  1. Post your video(s) on your community’s website.

  2. Share your videos(s) with national organizations your community is affiliated with. For example, if your community is an affiliate with the Institute on Religious Life, share the video with them so it can be posted on your community profile.

  3. Share your video(s) on social media. If your community needs help shortening or formatting the files for social media, please contact us here.

  4. Share your video(s) with any e-newsletters or email lists you have, for example, to donors or vocations interests.

  5. NOTE: If you want to share your video with any third-party organizations, please contact us as this requires prior approval from Vocations Outreach.



  1. Create photo galleries on your community’s website.

  2. Share your photos on social media.

  3. Request Graphic Design Services to receive marketing materials using the photos of your community.