First, you’ll create your Franciscan At Home Account. Franciscan At Home is the Catechetical Institute’s Learning Platform which houses all of the workshops you’ll be taking. Follow the link above to create your account and connect to the Vocations Outreach program.

Note: If your dashboard still reads “Choose a Membership,” come back to this page and click on the “Create Your Account” link above to connect to the Vocations Outreach Institution.

After you’ve created your account, click this link to open the “Vocations Outreach Discerner Formation Track.” In order to be connected to a mentor, you’ll need to select “Start this track and request a mentor…”

This will notify our team and we will connect you to the mentor which has been selected for you based on your application. It is important to check your email at this point! Franciscan At Home will send you a notification email when we have paired you with your mentor which will include the mentor’s email address. You will be responsible for emailing them to establish contact.

Step 4: Add to Your Email Contacts

Some email filters can mistakenly block emails from In order to bypass this without turning off your email filter, you can add to your email contacts to help ensure you receive all of our emails.

Step 5: Contact Your Mentor

After you receive your mentor assignment email from Franciscan At Home, email your mentor to exchange phone numbers and schedule your first phone conversation (refer to the schedule). See the Week 1: Intro Calls section of your discerner portal for conversation goals.