What is a Formation Companion? 

And he [Jesus] called to him the twelve, and began to send them out two by two . . .

Mark 6:7

Just as it is important for us to have mentors in our journey of discernment and discipleship, it is also important to have like-minded peers as traveling companions. This is why we ask you to choose a Formation Companion as you begin this program.  

A Formation Companion is a trusted friend. His or her role is to be a prayerful and supportive listener as you go through this program. They are not expected to be an expert or a second mentor, but simply to make themselves available to walk alongside you, supporting you through prayer and through the conversations you will have.  

Each workshop in this program has one task which involves a conversation with your Formation Companion. So, you will need to choose someone who can be your Formation Companion before you complete the first workshop. Your conversations will cover the material in the workshop task, but they can also be an opportunity for you to share how the program is going for you in general and to ask for prayer. 

How do I choose a Formation Companion?  

  1. Read through the criteria below and write down the people who come to mind who meet these criteria.  
  1. Set aside some time for prayer (about 10 minutes). During this time, ask the Holy Spirit to bring to mind the person who He wants to be your formation companion, then take time to listen in silence.  
  1. After you have concluded your time of prayer, simply reach out to the person to ask if they would be willing to accompany you. If they are unable to, then reach out to the next person on the list. 

Your Formation Companion should meet these criteria: 

  • He or she is a committed and practicing Catholic (someone who believes and professes all that the Church holds to be true and revealed by God)
  • He or she is of the same biological sex of the discerner.
    Since your discernment journey deals so deeply with the heart it is important to minimize things that could make it difficult for you to share your thoughts freely. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to us at info@vocationsoutreach.org!  
  • He or she is in a similar stage of life (for example, you are both in college; or you are both single young adults who are working). 
  • He or she would be interested in learning more about discernment in general. This does not mean that they are required to also be discerning consecrated life or the priesthood. 
  • He or she is someone whom you trust. 
  • He or she is a good listener. 
  • He or she has time to have a conversation with you (in-person or over the phone) every couple of weeks throughout this program  

What is the time commitment for a Formation Companion?

  • Plan to have one conversation with your formation companion (roughly 20-30 minutes) for each workshop (every 2-4 weeks). The program duration is 6-7 months.