General Information

  1. Please download the program schedule here.

  2. Workshops are scheduled so you’ll be watching 2-3 video segments per week.

        • The schedule has been created to give you ample time to spend on each workshop. Discernment takes time, so we don’t want you to feel rushed. We invite you to spend time thinking and praying about each of the tasks and to be open in your conversations you have with your mentor and critical friend. This will help you get the most you can out of the program!

  3. You should plan on talking to your mentor at the end of every formation workshop (every 3-4 weeks).

        • You are responsible for reaching out to your mentor and scheduling a time to talk with them.

        • Prior to talking to your mentor, please send them your workshop progress. Details on how to do this will be included in the weekly instructions.

  4. Plan on talking to your critical friend every 2-3 weeks.

        • Some (but not all) workshops will ask you to talk with your critical friend. Even if talking to them is not prompted by a workshop, we encourage you to talk with your critical friend at least every few weeks.

        • You can reach out to your critical friend as often as you see fit!

  5. Tasks listed are to be completed by Sunday at 11:59pm of a given week.

        • If you do not start the first online formation workshop on time or if you are consistently not completing the program tasks, you may be removed from the program until a later time.