If you are participating in the program while you are still a minor, we are legally required to ensure that you and your mentor do not have unmonitored communication. Please review the policies below so you are familiar with them before the start of the program.

  1. All emails between you and your mentor need to have a CC with childsafety@vocationsoutreach.org copied on the email.

  2. During phone or video calls, your mentor is required to have another adult in the same room with them during the conversation. That person will only hear your mentor’s side of the conversation, so your privacy will still be respected.

        • Because of this requirement, your mentor may prefer to communicate mostly via email. They will let you know their preferred method of communication at the start of the program.

  3. We will need a parent or guardian to fill out a permission form before you begin the program. This can be accessed on our Parent Portal Page.

  4. Once you have received your mentor assignment, we will also be providing the contact information for your mentor to your parent or guardian. They will have the option to talk with your mentor, though they are not required to do so.