Workshop Instructions:

  • Login to your Catechetical Institute account at
  • Enter the Discerner Formation Track
  • Select the blue “Overcoming Obstacles in Discernment” link to begin the workshop.
  • This workshop should be completed by the end of Week 19.
  • Plan on talking with your mentor at the end of this workshop.
    • You will also have the option to talk with your mentor once during this workshop, though you are not required to do so (there will be specific instructions on this in the workshop tasks).
  • As you complete workshop tasks, ONLY USE THE BLUE “SAVE” BUTTON. Please do not send your responses to your mentor after every task.
    • One task for this workshop will be sent directly to your mentor (instructions will be in the workshop task), but please follow normal task submission for the rest of the tasks.
Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 2.08.04 PM.png
  • Please hit the “send workshop to mentor for final review” button once you have finished the workshop to send your responses to your mentor.
Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 2.11.22 PM.png
  • We hope this workshop is fruitful for you! If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to reach out to us!


Check out our Vocation Story videos, available here.  

While watching, keep the following questions in mind and feel free to discuss them with your mentor or formation companion:

  • What kind of struggles did this person encounter during their discernment?
  • How did God communicate His will to this person? Has He ever communicated with me that way?