NOTE: Since this workshop is shorter, we recommend waiting to talk to your mentor until the end of the next workshop

Suggested Questions

These questions are meant to be a resource, but don’t feel limited to what is listed here. Always feel free to bring up additional questions and topics to your mentor and critical friend. Your mentor will also have a list of suggested topics to discuss with you.

Questions for Your Mentor

  • Have you ever felt like you’ve hidden or run away from God?

  • How have you experienced holiness as something that is done with other people?

  • Has your idea of holiness changed since entering your community?

  • What are some ways you think people can grow in holiness?

  • Do you feel like God has given you the grace you need to do what he asks?


Questions for Your Critical Friend

  • As critical friends, how do you think we can help each other grow in holiness?

  • Do you think you have ever experienced the “distance” Dr. Willey describes between God and man? How have you felt God reach out to you, even with this distance?

  • Did you have a favorite quote or poem from the workshop?