Suggested Questions

These questions are meant to be a resource, but don’t feel limited to what is listed here. Always feel free to bring up additional questions and topics to your mentor and critical friend. Your mentor will also have a list of suggested topics to discuss with you.

Questions for Your Mentor

  • What kind of obstacles did you encounter when you were discerning?

  • How did your family and friends react when you told them you were discerning?

  • Did you ever feel attracted to married life? How did you reconcile that with your desire for consecrated life?

  • Have you experienced spiritual motherhood or fatherhood in your vocation? Do you have any stories about feeling that part of your vocation fulfilled?


Questions for Your Critical Friend

  • Have you told people about your discernment? How have your friends reacted when you talked with them about it?

  • Was there anything Fr. Jonathan said that stood out to you? Why do you think that particular teaching caught your attention?

  • What was one of the things you wrote about on the segment four task, describing things that you’ve done that have made you happy?