The first workshop your discerner(s) will be working on is called “Personal Vocation”, presented by Dr. Joshua Miller. Prior to talking with you, your discerner will send you a copy of their task responses and you will be able to view the questions they are answering.

This particular workshop is also included in your mentor training, though your tasks will be slightly different than your discerner’s. If possible, we recommend completing this workshop from your training prior to talking about the workshop with your discerner.

Workshop Overview

Two of the main points of the workshop include:

  1. Unique Personal Vocation

      • Personal vocation is the “singular, unique and unrepeatable grace by which each Christian in the community of the People of God builds up the Body of Christ.” – Redemptor Hominis 21

      • This is distinct from vocation as state of life. This refers to the unrepeatable call each person has, even within their state of life, to build up the Church with their unique gifts and talents.

      • This can be better discovered through prayer and growth in self-knowledge.

  2. The Universal Call to Holiness

      • Lumen Gentium describes this by saying “it is evident to everyone, that all the faithful of Christ of whatever rank or status, are called to the fullness of the Christian life and to the perfection of charity” (LG 40).

Suggested Conversation Questions

These questions are meant to be a resource, but don’t feel limited to what is listed here. Always feel free to bring up additional questions or highlight different task responses. Discerners will also have a list of suggested questions to ask you.

  • Were there any points that especially stood out to you from the workshop?

  • Were there any tasks that were difficult for you to do?

  • What do you feel like you learned about yourself from this workshop?

  • How do you think your personal vocation and your state of life vocation are related?

  • Do you believe that God trusts you with a specific part of his plan?

  • What are some ways you are currently living out your personal vocation? Are there additional things you would like to try to help put your talents to use for the good of the Church?

  • One of the tasks had you identify five of your talents. How do you think the gifts and talents you’ve identified apply to your personal vocation?

  • What accomplishments do you most identify with? Do you think you struggle with placing your worth in your success in these areas?

  • What are some ways to recognize the dignity of others, even when we encounter them in small ways?