The fourth workshop in the formation program teaches discerners about the Universal Call to Holiness. Prior to talking with you, your discerner will send you a copy of their task responses and you will be able to view the questions they are answering. If you would like to view the videos they watched, you can access the full discerner workshops by selecting the “Vocations Outreach Discerner Formation” track on your Catechetical Institute dashboard.

NOTE: Since this workshop is shorter, plan on talking with your discerner(s) after the end of the next workshop.

Workshop Overview

  • The universal call to holiness is our most important vocation.

  • There are three different kinds of vocation: Personal vocation, State of life vocation, and the Call (vocation) to holiness

  • The word “call” suggests a distance between the creature and the Creator.

  • God calls us through the beauty of creation and His voice we hear in our conscience

  • God’s call can also be a sorrowful call because He calls us even though we have deliberately disobeyed (sinned against) Him.

  • God never ceases to draw us to Himself.

  • If the things around us are not leading us to God, He often takes them from us so we can find them in Him.


How to Respond to God’s Call

  1. Become aware of the call and make a decision to listen and respond to it (i.e. practice the Obedience of Faith).

  2. Ask for holiness for ourselves and for others.

  3. Remember that holiness is always something we do together.

  4. God always gives enough for us to take the next step in the path towards holiness.

Suggested Questions

These questions are meant to be a resource, but don’t feel limited to what is listed here. Always feel free to bring up additional questions or highlight different task responses. Discerners will also have a list of suggested questions to ask you.

  • Were there any points that especially stood out to you from the workshop?

  • Were there any tasks that were difficult for you to do?

  • After completing this workshop, how would you define holiness?

  • Has this workshop changed your view of holiness or your vocation?

  • When or where have you experienced the holiness of God?

  • What are some ways you have seen other people influence your growth in holiness?

  • Have you ever heard God’s voice in creation or in your conscience?

  • What are some ways you have felt God reach out to you in your life?

  • Have you ever felt like God has taken away something from you in order to draw you closer to Himself?