The third workshop in the formation program teaches discerners about how God calls by looking at different examples from Scripture like Moses, the Disciples, and Mary. Prior to talking with you, your discerner will send you a copy of their task responses and you will be able to view the questions they are answering. If you would like to view the videos they watched, you can access the full discerner workshops by selecting the “Vocations Outreach Discerner Formation” track on your Catechetical Institute dashboard.

Workshop Overview

The main points of the workshop include:

  • God takes the initiative in calling us

  • God’s call is both personal (for the individual and their holiness) and ecclesial (in the context of the Body of Christ and for the good of the Church).

  • We should foster a disposition of openness, trust, and willingness so we can give our “yes” to whatever God reveals as His will for us

  • We are better able to respond to God’s call when we understand His majesty.

  • Our vocation is more about being than doing.