In the first week of the mentorship program, the discerner you have been paired with will be instructed to set up a time via email to talk with you on the phone. You will need to exchange phone numbers at this point for further communication.

Please review the discerner’s application and make note of anything you’d like to discuss before this phone call. 

The goals of this first phone call: 

  • To get to know the discerner.

  • To schedule the next phone call.

  • To discuss the goals which the discerner has expressed in the program application.

    • The responsibility for accomplishing these goals rests with the discerner. Your role will be to encourage, walk alongside, and help them to see what steps might be helpful to accomplish these goals.

    • If you think it would be helpful and find that the discerner is struggling to articulate their goals, you can use this worksheet to help the discerner frame these into SMART goals: Succinct, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound.

  • To ask any other questions you have about the discerner based on their answers to the application.

  • To be able to understand how the discerner views discernment, vocation, and the goals of this program.

  • To answer any questions which the discerner has for you.