Registration Steps

  1. Provide us with your general information by completing a Mentor Registration Form.

      • If you have already completed this form, you do not have to fill it out again.

  2. Submit your Superior Approval Form

      • This form will ask for verification that you have completed a safe environment training and a criminal background check. Both of these must have been completed within the last 3 years for them to be valid for these purposes.

      • If you have not yet completed a safe environment training or a background check, or if you need to update either of them, you can do these with us through Franciscan University. For more information on this, please just email us to let us know you’ll need access to that information.

      • If you are the major superior of your community, we ask that your vicar or another superior in your community complete the form on your behalf.

      • Please email a scanned copy of the form to

  3. Send in your picture and 500-word biography to be posted on the Vocations Outreach website. Click here to complete this step.

      • These biographies are what discerners will read to determine who they request for their mentor.

      • You can view where bios are posted here:  Women’s Mentors  |  Men’s Mentors

  4. Create your account on the Catechetical Institute’s online Learning Management System. Please click here to complete this step.

      • This will be the account you use to view your discerner’s progress and task responses. This will also give you access to our Mentor Training that you will need to complete within your first year as a mentor (see the Mentor Training page for more information).

  5. Complete the following steps to allow you to work with discerners who are under 18.

      • Please review our Minor Policy page (click here)

      • Please review Franciscan University’s Policy on Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct (click here)

      • Complete a Minor Policy Agreement (click here).

      • We ask all mentors to complete these steps, even though not all mentors who complete this form will be assigned to work with a minor. Having all mentors prepared to do so will prevent these discerners from having to delay their start of the program while we wait for a requested mentor to complete these steps.