*All mentors working with discerners under the age of 18 are responsible for this information*


All email correspondence between and mentor and a minor must have a CC with childsafety@vocationsoutreach.org copied on the email. Even if a minor emails the mentor first, the mentor must CC this email on the response.


Phone & Video Calls

If a mentor speaks with a minor on a phone or video call, mentors must have another adult in the same room as them during the conversation.

      • This person must be within close enough range where they can hear the mentor’s side of the conversation. This person must then complete a third-party certification form which certifies that they were in the room for the entire conversation.

Mentors who are not able to make these accommodations can limit their contact with a discerner to email correspondence only.

      • If you would prefer to use email correspondence, please communicate this to the program participants you are working with. We recommend having at least one introductory phone call, even if the majority of your correspondence will be through email.


Parental Involvement

When a mentor is paired with a minor, we will be providing the parent/ guardian of the discerner with the mentor’s contact information. The mentors are not required to reach out to the parents, but the mentor is permitted to be in touch with the parent/ guardian if they express interest in some kind of introduction or introductory call. This is simply an effort for parents to be aware of who their child is working with.

Mentors who are working with minors and fail to comply with these policies will be immediately dismissed from the mentorship program.