Hi, my name is Fr. Steve Dos Santos, C.PP.S. Originally from California, I am the youngest of nine children. I currently serve as the Vocation Director for the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.  I was temporarily incorporated (like temporary vows) as Missionary of the Precious Blood in 2002, and was ordained a priest in May of 2006. Prior to entering formation I had been a Companion (lay associate), so my relationship with the community is even longer than that.

I currently serve as the Vocations Director for my Community. I love how this ministry asks me to work with young men who are discerning God’s call. It is a tremendous honor to journey with people as they strive to respond to God in faith. Prior to this ministry I was a parish priest at a large Hispanic parish in Los Angeles. We had 5 Spanish and 1 English Mass every Sunday. There I ended up getting very involved in Youth and Young Adult ministry because I was younger than the other two Missionaries by close to 25 years. In between those to assignments I worked in our Provincial Office as the assistant and translator for our Provincial Director

I am a great example of how God sometimes has to be persistent to get through to us. Growing up I was active in Church, but whenever I was asked about the priesthood, I would say that I was called to married life. Truth be told, I had never really discerned or considered it, I just knew I wanted to be “normal.” Despite any number of moments that I now see as God trying to reach me, I was oblivious, until Lent 1997. I was chatting about chant and classical music with a waitress at the restaurant I managed. She was an amateur actress and Singer and I was in a Chant Choir set to chant the Exultet that year.  You should also know that she was an unchurched person. 

I said something like “If priests could get married I’d probably enter seminary tomorrow.” 

Without missing a beat she responded “Well that’s a lousy reason not to do it.”

Her response blew me away. I did not expect that from her. That Easter I found a spiritual director, and over time discerned that I was called to be a priest. Since I was already a Precious Blood Companion, becoming a Missionary seemed like second nature.

I discovered that as happy as I could be as a husband and a father, that there would always be “a hole in my heart” that could only be filled by serving God’s people as a priest. Everyone is different but that’s what God’s call felt like to me.

Favorite Movies:

Departures is a wonderful Japanese film that deals with death and jobs nobody wants.

House of the Flying Daggers is a visually stunning Kung-Fu movie.

Spanglish, the last line of the movie brings tears to my eyes every time.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) although the boat scene is really creepy.

A Christmas Story “You’ll shoot your eye out”.

The Last Train to Busan, a friend recommended this poignant zombie film, and I loved it.

To learn some of my other favorites you can go here: http://cpps-preciousblood.org/member/fr-stephen-dos-santos-c-pp-s/

I am excited by the prospect of working in this program to help men and women achieve greater clarity about their vocation. 

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