An Opportunity for Your Community and Your Discerners

Since the Vocations Outreach formation program is hosted online by the Catechetical Institute, this means that any discerner can be mentored by any religious, anywhere in the world.

If you already have young adults actively discerning with your community, you have the opportunity to have them participate in our formation program with you, your community’s vocation director, or another one of your community members as their mentor on our system.

Some benefits of using our system in this way include:

  1. Your community will be able to get to know potential applicants on a much deeper level if they are mentored through this formation program. Program tasks are created to give deep and profound insight into a discerner’s interior life, including their prayer life, significant life experiences, and where they are in their discernment journey.

  2. This allows young adults discerning with your community to receive ongoing formation prior to application and entrance. Our program helps discerners gain a better understanding of religious life as well as how to prayerfully discern God’s will in their lives.

  3. Your community can use the Catechetical Institute’s LMS system to help keep track of all the discerners currently walking through the formation program with your community. This system is designed to be an easy and convenient way to stay updated with dozens of program participants.


If you are interested in utilizing our system in this way, please contact us here.

Our team would be happy to speak with you and can give you a more in-depth look into our formation program.