Helping increase your community’s digital presence

One of the primary ways young adults connect with others is through social media. Social media platforms are a great way to share information and photos with a broad audience. However, we realize the high level of maintenance, effort, and graphic design knowledge that is requested to effectively run a social media account. Because of this, Vocations Outreach offers free promotion of religious communities on our own social media sites.

Since Vocations Outreach has an ongoing partnership with the Institute on Religious Life, communities may only be featured on our accounts if they:

1. Have already gone through our vetting process or have received our services in the past

2. Are an affiliate with the Institute on Religious Life

If you are in one of these two groups, please feel free to submit a social media request form (available below). If your community is a participant in the Day in the Life series, you don’t need to complete this form, as part of that service includes promotion on our social media.

Complete a digital resource application if your community is not in one of the listed groups or if you would like to receive additional digital resources for your community.

Contact us here with any questions!