Share Vocation Stories in a Personal Way


“[The videography intern] couldn’t have been a more calming and helpful presence for our Sisters as they shared their vocation stories and as we filmed “A Day in the Life.” We had some fears of being filmed, but she helped us see the real value in sharing our stories for God’s glory. [The intern’s] presence with our community during the days of filming was as non-intrusive as possible and respectful of the community structure and needs. Vocations Outreach was very generous with our community. May Jesus Christ be praised!
-School Sisters of Christ the King


Vocation Story Information

One of the best ways for religious to share about their way of life is through their vocation stories. For someone discerning, hearing a person’s journey to religious life adds a personal aspect to the discernment process and helps them better understand how to discern God’s call in their own life.

Videography is ideal for capturing the personal and emotional connection of a vocation story. Vocations Outreach provides the opportunity for communities to have access to professional videography for vocation stories with creation of a vocation story collection. The general production process is as follows:

  • One of our videography interns will travel to a religious community at the location of their choice.

  • The intern will stay with the community for a 2 or 3-night stay. During this time, they can film up to 30 vocation story interviews with members of the religious community.

  • After their stay is complete, the intern will edit each interview into its own video. These videos will ideally be 4-5 minutes long and will be posted on the Vocations Outreach YouTube channel, giving the videos a larger audience reach. Videos can then be used by the religious community on their website, social media accounts, for any other use they see fit.

See a sample of vocation story collections here

Persons going on film to share their vocation story will be asked to use our vocation story preparation packet.

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Day in the Life series.