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“Day in the Life” Series

Resource: “Day in the Life” Series

Assignment 1: Before watching a video, have students write down what they think members of religious communities do during the day. After playing a video from the “Day in the Life” series, have students assess how accurate their previous answers are. What did they get right? What was different from what they previously expected? Was anything surprising?

Assignment 2: Have students watch videos from multiple communities and compare/ contrast them. What was different about the communities? What was similar? Were they surprised about these things? Did one community seem more attractive than the other? Why or why not?

Assignment 3: Have students watch videos from multiple communities. Ask them to pick two or three aspects of religious life that are attractive to them or that they think are good things. Have them journal on these. Why did those aspects stand out? Are those things found in other vocations? How can they strive to incorporate some of those things in their own lives?

Vocation Stories

Resource: Vocation Story Collections 

Assignment 1: Have students watch 3-4 vocation stories of their choice. Ask them to journal or talk in groups about what surprised them. Is there anything that stood out in particular from the vocation stories? Did one story strike them more than another? Why?

Assignment 2: Have students reflect on how God has worked in their lives. Has God ever asked them to do something? Where have they heard the voice of God in their lives? Have them think of one particular example of this and write about it in their journal.

Photo Analysis

Resource: Vocations Outreach Photos-   Highlight Gallery   |   Full Gallery

Assignment 1: Have students look through a photo gallery and find one picture that stands out to them. After they reflect on what stands out to them about their picture, have them share with the class the picture they chose and why they chose it.

Assignment 2: Ask students to select 3-5 photos they think best represent religious life. Why did they pick those pictures? What do they say about religious life? Students can write about their findings or they can share their findings with a small group.

“Answers from Religious” Series

Resource: “Answers from Religious” series

Assignment 1: Have students watch a selection of videos from the “Answers from Religious” series and journal about their reactions. What surprised them? What did they learn? What are they interested in learning more about?

Assignment 2Have students watch one video from the series. After watching the video, ask them to compare the different answers given in the video. Did all of them match? Were some of them different? Which answer did they like the best? Why?

“Answers from Religious” Video Categories: