Workshop Instructions:

  • Login to your Catechetical Institute account at
  • Enter the Discerner Formation Track
  • Select the blue “Vocational Discernment for Young Adults” link to begin the workshop.
  • This workshop should be completed by the end of Week 15.
  • Plan on talking with your mentor about this workshop and the Universal Call workshop after this workshop is completed.
  • As you complete workshop tasks, ONLY USE THE BLUE “SAVE” BUTTON. Please do not send your responses to your mentor after every task.
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  • Please hit the “send workshop to mentor for final review” button once you have finished the workshop to send your responses to your mentor.
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  • We hope this workshop is fruitful for you! If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to reach out to us!


In this workshop, Fr. Dave talks about the importance of discerning specifically if you feel like God might be calling you to live a life of celibacy. These two books, And You Are Christ’s Why Celibacy, were written to help women and men, respectively, discern a call to celibate life. We highly recommend checking them out! Click the images below to access the link to learn more and purchase them: