What should your life look like when you’re discerning?

Vocational discernment looks different for every person. Discernment is not cookie-cutter, but there are common practices which can help you better understand God’s will and grow closer to him. Wherever you’re at in your discernment, strengthening your relationship with God is the most important thing to do. During this time, we encourage you to strive to live a life that is:

  • Sacramental: Engaging and frequenting the Sacraments of the Church, especially Mass and confession

  • Marian: Increasing your devotion to our Blessed Mother

  • Contemplative: Striving to draw closer to God in prayer and silence

  • Communal: Seeking the proper aid and counsel from others who can guide you along your journey

  • Informed: Gaining a deeper understanding of what religious life is

Click the blue titles for a full article written by a professed religious on each topic.


This page is only a small introduction to practices that can aid discernment. If you are discerning religious life and are looking to learn more or to connect with someone who can help guide you in your discernment, check out our Discernment Mentorship Program.