Connecting discerners with professed religious

“surrounded, led and guided by the friends of God… I too can say that with renewed conviction: I am not alone. I do not have to carry alone what in truth I could never carry alone.”

-Benedict XVI; Homily April 24, 2005

Vocational discernment can be difficult and confusing, especially if it is done alone. Utilizing content created by the Catechetical Institute at Franciscan University, Vocations Outreach has created a mentorship program that connects young adults with professed religious to help them discern God’s will. Read about the main components of the program below.


  • Discerners are connected with a professed religious who will act as a mentor as they go through an online formation program.

  • Vocations Outreach has partnered with religious from a variety of different communities who are mentors for this program.

  • After discerners are accepted into the program, they will submit a list of the top 3 mentors from our program they would like to work with. Vocations Outreach will then pair them with a mentor, most likely from this list.

  • Mentors will provide feedback on written tasks from the online formation program described below.

  • Discerners and mentors will talk via phone or video call every 3-4 weeks throughout the program, in addition to the written correspondence about the video tasks.

Online Formation

  • Discerners receive formation on discernment and religious life by watching video workshops created by Vocations Outreach. Each workshop is composed of 5-10 minute video segments.

  • Discerners will complete tasks and activities connected to those workshops which are meant to help them grow in their spiritual lives. These tasks may involve taking steps forward in prayer, responding to the material presented in the videos, and reflecting on passages from relevant reading.

  • Video workshop topics and presenters include:

The Church’s Means for Discernment: Fr. Timothy Gallagher, OMV
Listening to the Holy SpiritFr. Dave Pivonka, TOR
Monastic Practices: Sr. Marie Genevieve, OP
The Theology of Religious Life: Br. Daniel Maria, TOR
Detachment in the Spiritual Life: Br. Daniel Maria, TOR
The Desires of Our Heart: Sr. Carrie Christine, ASCJ
Personal Vocation: Dr. Joshua Miller
Lectio Divina: Ann Lankford, MA
Obstacles in Discernment: Fr. Jonathan McElhone, TOR

Program Details

  • The program takes place exclusively through the Catechetical Institute’s online Learning Management System (LMS). View a sample workshop on their LMS here.

  • The program is free and will run for the course of 6 months. Vocations Outreach is currently accepting applications. The program will begin in March 2020.

Ready to get involved? Read more below if you are interested in becoming a program participant or mentor.

Questions? Email One of our team members would be happy to speak with you!


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